The Faith Activation Playbook:
5 Biggest Mistakes Christians Make In Their Walk With God

That Lead To Failing God’s Tests, Repeating The Same Mistakes, And Missing His Plan For Their Life (And How To Solve Them For Good)

Don't waste another day repeating the same mistakes over and over.

The 5 biggest mistakes Christians make (and how to easily avoid them).Fast Action Steps you can implement right away.Learn what it takes to grow closer to God every day.How you can easily connect your faith to everyday life.This free email course gives you everything you need to get unstuck and finally grow your faith.

My name is Ryan S. Howard, I have a PhD in Biblical Studies and I help Christians grow their faith through my Top 10% podcast, practical coaching, and courses. And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

"Your faith will never be the same!"

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Mistake #1: Not carving out time with God—and why this will lead to self-reliance, backtracking and not hearing God’s voice.Mistake #2: Not knowing the Bible—and why this causes a double-minded approach to life with an un-renewed mind.Mistake #3: Falling for the traps of the enemy—and why this leas to a lack of spiritual maturing, no peace, and no joy.Mistake #4: Not knowing the ways of God—and why this can lead to failing God’s tests, frustration and disconnected faith.Mistake #5: Not understanding the war we are in—and why this can lead to compromising truth and obsession with acceptance.PLUS! You'll get simple Fast Action Steps you can take to avoid these mistakes for good!

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